Therapy Programs

...A big part of that experience was
the communication with all of you; sometimes long conversations, sometimes a “hello”,
and sometimes just with the eyes that bore my spirit up and gave me the strength to
give my body over to the experience with a true feeling of surrender...

Integrative Intentions currently offers two different types of therapy programs.  These are the Dolphin Assisted Therapy (DAT) programs and the Comprehensive Therapy Programs (CTP).  The Dolphin Assisted Therapy programs are conducted each summer in Freeport, Grand Bahama Island.  The Comprehensive Therapy programs are conducted worldwide throughout the year.

Dolphin Assisted Therapy 

Dolphin Assisted Therapy, our flagship program, continues the tradition of our shared sense of Dr. Upledger's vision for respectful, free and willing interaction between dolphins and humans with intentions for healing.  It is intriguing that the dolphins' therapeutic interactions with humans is completely natural.  The dolphins are free to interact, or not, with the clients and therapy teams.

The dolphins' free and willing participation ensures a unique experience for each client.

We invite you to attend a Dolphin Assisted Therapy program where, like the Comprehensive Therapy Programs, CranioSacral Therapy is used to integrate multiple modalities of treatment in a multi-day program that effectively and profoundly facilitates healing.

Currently, these programs are held in Freeport, Grand Bahamas.  The programs are staffed by our diverse community of therapists. 
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Comprehensive Therapy Programs

We invite you to attend a Comprehensive Therapy Program where CranioSacral Therapy integrates multiple modalities of treatment in a 5-day program that effectively and profoundly facilitates healing.  Our programs are held at various national and international locations staffed by our diverse community of therapists.

A Comprehensive Therapy Program has the capacity to be a truly life altering experience for some.  For others it is a start or a significant part of the process of healing and experiencing life.

A Comprehensive Therapy Program incorporates many modalities of healthcare both traditional and innovative. All Integrative Intentions therapists are trained in Upledger CranioSacral Therapy (CST) and many are Techniques and Diplomate Certified (CST-D) by the Upledger Institute.  Each therapist blends their unique nature, skills and healing modalities with integrative intentions.

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Veteran's Programs

Integrative Intentions serves veterans through individual therapy via our community of therapists, Comprehensive Therapy Programs, Integrative Intentions Clinical Services and Trauma Recovery Clinical Programs.   

Integrative Intentions is active with the Upledger Institute in continuing efforts to help veterans recover from the traumas of war.  Dr. Upledger initiated a landmark Upledger Intensive Therapy Program for Vietnam Veterans in 1993.  This was followed by a series of 10-day intensive therapy programs in 1999 along with accompanying research.  Integrative Intentions is intent on continuing this tradition.

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