Therapy for Veterans of War

Program Information

Integrative Intentions serves veterans through individual therapy via our Community of Therapists, Comprehensive Therapy Programs, Integrative Intentions Clinical Services and Trauma Recovery Clinical Programs.   

Integrative Intentions is active with the Upledger Institute in continuing efforts to help veterans recover from the traumas of war.  Dr. Upledger initiated a landmark Upledger Intensive Therapy Program for Vietnam Veterans in 1993.  This was followed by a series of 10-day intensive therapy programs in 1999 along with accompanying research.  Integrative Intentions is intent on continuing this tradition.

We have extensive experience in helping meet the needs of veterans.  We have extended and developed therapy programs to assist veterans from all conflict regions.  Our programs have proven successful in helping veterans and their families find recovery from post traumatic stress and related issues.  We are in the process of networking with other veteran services and providing additional training for our therapists.

Please consider one of our Comprehensive Therapy Programs (CTPs).  If interested, we can put you in contact with a veteran who has been in therapy with us.  We would also be happy to recommend someone from our Integrative Intentions community of therapists who is actively providing services for veterans.

Complimentary sessions are available at the Upledger Clinic in Palm Beach Gardens, FL for veterans with PTSD.  Call 561-622-4334 for an appointment.

Integrative Intentions offers veterans complimentary spaces in our Trauma Recovery Clinical Programs.  The next program is August 28 - Sept 1, 2017.

If you have any questions, you may personally contact Integrative Intentions by calling 772-349-5700.