Our basic Principles and Practices are founded in the teachings of Dr. John Upledger.

I found the CranioSacral Comprehensive Therapy Programme to be very interesting. Evie seemed to come out of herself hugely in the three days. In particular she seemed to communicate well with the horses and her experience in the water was amazing.

Integrative Intentions is in harmony with the Credo and Goals of Upledger Institute International.


This is the work of all who participate:  clients, accompanying caregivers, therapists and organizers.  We are mindful and appreciative of all who have taught us and have provided the historic background and current context in which we can offer this work.  As therapists, we are intent upon what is immediate - our clients. 

We are in touch.  Touch is a way of human care and healthcare.  The life of the client is touched by the life of the therapist.  As this life is touched, it is sensed, heard, felt, seen, imaged and lived.  Our intent is to be accepting and open to the way the client is existing in all the complexity and beauty of body (structure and function), in tissue, energy, posture, thought, emotion, hopes, dreams and spirit.  The therapist’s intent is to work cooperatively with what is and what is within the life of the client, accepting, following and facilitating each individual’s unique way of healing. 

Our functional assumption is that each client has their own source of healing, body wisdom and guidance.  It is our role to be present, melding with the life of the client through touch.  We listen to, communicate with and facilitate the client’s processes, supporting self awareness and responsibility.  We are open to the many ways life communicates by incorporating many healing modalities.

Our primary therapeutic modality is CranioSacral Therapy.  We address the CranioSacral system as an integrative functional core of the human organism.  We extend our openness to the whole person through the acceptance and facilitation of SomatoEmotional Release and Integration. 

As a therapeutic community, we are inclusive of all aspects of human life and our shared life with other species and our environment.