Therapist Mentoring

  • Integrative Intentions has initiated a Mentoring Program for Comprehensive Therapy and Dolphin Assisted Therapy programs.  
  • First time attending Support Therapists will be encouraged to enroll in this program.
  • Returning therapists may also enroll.
  • Integrative Intentions will select Primary Therapists to provide the mentoring.
  • The mentor will provide four hours of one-on-one mentoring during a CTP.  This will involve time outside the regular therapy program:   mornings, lunch time, evenings and may include days before and/or after the program.
  • A one hour therapy session with the mentor is offered as one of the four hours, as well as an opportunity for the mentor to receive a session in order to provide feedback.
  • There is a tuition fee of $450 for mentoring.
  • The mentoring program is designed to be personalized and tailored to individual goals, so we request that you send us a statement outlining what you would like from your time with a mentor. This will help us pair you with the person best suited to your needs and intentions.

Requirements for Mentors

  • Each mentor must be UI Diplomate Certified
  • Each mentor must be able to:
    •   Create and maintain a safe therapeutic container for the client and the entire therapy team
    •   Exhibit the people skills necessary to be a good mentor
    •   Undergo peer review
    •   Participate as a therapist in at least one therapy program per year
    •   Participate in the mentoring team meetings