...Traumatic events seem to force us to go inside to find our shelter. The True Beauty is
that the shelter is always there for us. Thank you all so much for your part in helping me
to remember to go there at such a critical time.

BioAquatics™ Exploration

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All BioAquatic™ Exploration classes have the same basic format and are designed to complement the Upledger core curriculum.  The introductory BioAquatics Exploration classes are open to therapists with varying levels of CST training.  The Shared Connections BioAquatics Exploration class (BAER) is open to therapists with CST training and people with whom they share a relationship.



The BioAquatics™ Exploration classes relate to the Dolphin Assisted Therapy (DAT) program.  In order to be a support therapist in a DAT program, at least one prior BioAquatics Exploration (BAEC, BAES, or BAEA) class is required for all therapists.  The BioAquatics Advanced and Dolphin Exploration (BADA) class is recommended for all therapists and is required for DAT Primary Therapists.

  • BioAquatics Exploration: CranioSacral Therapy (BAEC) requires completion of CranioSacral Therapy I, and students of any level may attend. This four day techniques-focused class begins your education in BioAquatic and dolphin assisted therapy. You will be able to spend time in the water with dolphins, learning and practicing Dolphin Assisted Therapy. You will also experience the multi-therapist application of CranioSacral Therapy techniques while working in small groups in the water.

  • BioAquatics Exploration: SomatoEmotional Release (BAES) requires the completion of SomatoEmotional Release I. This four day class allows you to spend time in the water with dolphins, discovering the magic of these wise and sensitive creatures as well as explore, integrate and apply CranioSacral Therapy techniques in cooperation with BioAquatic and dolphin-assisted dynamics. You will also experience the multi-therapist application of CranioSacral Therapy techniques while working in small groups in the water.

  • BioAquatics Exploration: Advanced (BAEA) requires the completion of CranioSacral Advanced I. During this four day workshop, you will develop a holistic, cooperative relationship with the ocean and its healing resources while learning and performing advanced CranioSacral Therapy. You will have the opportunity to further your CranioSacral knowledge in the presence of other advanced practitioners as well as dolphins, learning, practicing, and receiving the benefits of Dolphin Assisted Therapy.

  • BioAquatic Exploration of Relationships (Shared Connections) (BAER) This class is designed to allow students who have completed through at least SomatoEmotional Release I in the Upledger curriculum to share a BioAquatic CranioSacral experience with someone they are close to. (Spouses, adult children, siblings, business partners, significant others, friends – any adult relationship except for clients.) Each therapist may be joined by up to two others, who are not required to be therapists. Non-therapists are not required to have CranioSacral Therapy training. They only need to be open to receiving at least one Aquatic CranioSacral Therapy session per day and be supportive of others in the water therapy sessions. There It's also okay for your accompanying people to be CranioSacral Therapists!

  • BioAquatics Advanced Dolphin Exploration (BADA) requires the completion of Advanced I and a previous BioAquatics Exploration class. This class is part of our therapist training program for Dolphin Assisted Therapy. This class focuses on Dolphin Assisted Therapy- you will be both a client and a therapist each day, and class discussions will include sharing about each of these experiences.

A BioAquatics class format includes:

  • Dolphin Assisted Therapy sessions

  • A dolphin swim (except for the BADA class)

  • CranioSacral Therapy sessions in the ocean

  • Table therapy when appropriate

  • Discussion, sharing, and therapeutic processing of significant experiences

  • Exploration of inter-species interaction, communication and healing

Classes With Dr. Chas Perry, Ph.D., CST-D




CranioSacral Therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine Energetics

  With Miranda Warburton PhD., CMT, CST-D
  & Jennifer Minor, MA, Dipl. OM, LAc


Miranda and Jen have a history of working with and integrating CranioSacral Therapy with Traditional Chinese Medicine as one approach to healing, which has been incredibly successful.  This introductory class consists of theory and hands-on applications.



For more information on these classes and to register, please visit: 

EcoSomatics Interspecies Exploration (ESIE)

 With Kat Perry, CST-D


We invite you to explore with us as we continue to evolve our Eco-Somatics programs and classes.  In this class we become more familiar with the big cats, camels, horses and the menagerie that is called the Big Cat Habitat.  We will treat one another with the participation of other species.  We will treat other species with the participation of one another!  We'll all heal together.  Discussions will be held daily. 

For more information on the Big Cat Habitat visit:

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November 8 - 12, 2019

The retreat begins with 3 days of therapist trades in the midst of the Big Cats, and continues with two days of client treatment. Clients come to be treated by the therapists who attend the retreat, immersed in the environment of the big cats. A portion of all fees collected are donated to BCH. Participation in the client treatment is integral to the retreat, so please plan to participate fully in all 5 days.

Big Cat Habitat Retreat, Sarasota, Florida

EcoSomatics Equine

With Sandi Howlett  D.C., CST-D

"Horses are the Dolphins of the land."

These courses have been developed for Craniosacral therapists to have direct experiential contact with equines.  The best way to appreciate the benefits of Equine CST is to Experience Equus - what it is to be (a) horse.

When we open our minds, our hearts and our hands, we have the potential to gain a deeper, inner understanding from which empathy, concern and respect for nature ensues.  We offer our healing hands to them, the horses.  In return, they teach us, allowing us the opportunity to experience 'what is',  in constant connection with both our personal internal environment and the external environment that surrounds and encompasses us.  As we engage with and observe these magnificent, sentient, emotional beings, we become open to new ways of 'seeing'.

These workshops provide an opportunity to enhance our non-verbal communication skills, to study body language and to explore energy bubbles and boundaries, in addition to learning Craniosacral techniques for equines.  It is the hope of these courses to facilitate 'what is' to come into our hands...connecting hands with heart.

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