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Great class- lots of good cst techniques to practice & explore in the water. Loved the variety of locations to practice- ocean, pool, dolphins! Great opportunity to do deep work and receive training to become support/primary therapist in DAT programs. Would love to take class again.
~J Minor~

Primary Therapist:

  • Must be UI Diplomate certified with previous experience in a BioAquatics and/or Dolphin Assisted Therapy program
  • Lead and coordinate the daily therapy sessions with the team of Support and Adjunct Therapists
  • Mentor Support therapists 
  • Bring unique personality, skills and intentions for healing
  • Chart all sessions with the help of Support Therapists 
  • Create and maintain a safe therapeutic space for the client and therapy team

Support Therapist:

  • Meet all of the requirements of a CTP Support Therapist
  • Completion of a BioAquatics Exploration Class
  • Have acquired skills taught in the Upledger curriculum
  • Bring their unique personality, skills and intentions for healing

Adjunctive Therapist:

  • Approved by Therapy Program Coordinator
  • Meet all of the requirements of a Primary Therapist
  • Have demonstrated proficiency in their respective field of expertise 
  • Bring a specific complimentary modality to the program
  • Able to integrate their modality with the Principles & Practices of Upledger CST and SER

Daily Schedule

The initial therapist meeting, held the evening before the client program, requires the attendance of all therapists.  It covers introductions so that we may become acquainted with each other, our backgrounds, therapeutic modalities and intentions.  Additionally, it includes information about housekeeping, accommodations, the daily schedules, therapeutic roles, basic principles, the initial presentation of client information, therapeutic team assignments and open time for questions, concerns and comments.

Participants meet daily at 9:00am at The Canal House at Pelican Bay in Port Lucaya, Freeport, Grand Bahamas. The first day is for orientation and introductions of clients and therapists.  Subsequent mornings are for the clients to share and process the previous day's events.

After each morning meeting, the group walks the short distance to the facility to sign in for our time with the dolphins.  

We then board a boat that takes us on a twenty minute ride to Sanctuary Bay for the dolphin based therapy portion of the program. Bring a bathing suit, a towel and clothes to change into later.  It is best if you are wearing your bathing suit under your clothes, as we cannot predict how long we will have between sign-in and boarding the boat.  

Clients spend approximately 30 minutes each day in the water.  Dolphins are present and free to interact with the clients.

Upon our return to Port Lucaya, we break for lunch for an hour and half.  There are numerous restaurants in Port Lucaya adjacent to the therapy room at Pelican Bay.  

The remainder of the day is spent in multi-therapist sessions on land or in one of the nearby fresh water swimming pools.

Specific details will be sent to you upon registration. 

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