...dedicated to the integrity of wholism and the integration of body, mind and spirit.

I felt it a very powerful and fulfilling experience. It was amazing to be surrounded by so much healing. I would share with another family to stay open minded about it and to let your heart follow you, just relax and enjoy and let the healing work.

Our intention encompasses intra-species and inter-species relationships and the environment.  We cooperate and co-create innovative therapy programs and classes with a broad range of CranioSacral therapists who share our Integrative Intentions.

Integrative Intentions has taken on many forms as it evolves, providing structure for these functions.

Currently we are: 

A Community:

  • Working cooperatively together to facilitate healing
  • Caring for one another and supporting each other and our unique qualities
  • Sharing knowledge, skills and talents

Continuing our close affiliation with Upledger Institute International: 

  • Harmonizing with the Upledger Institute Credo and Goals
  • Acknowledging and deepening our understanding of Dr. Upledger's teachings
  • Teaching Upledger classes and supporting the Upledger curriculum
  • Providing Upledger endorsed Dolphin Assisted Therapy Programs
  • Providing Upledger endorsed Comprehensive Therapy Programs
  • Teaching Bio-Aquatic Exploration classes  

Integrating Therapeutics: 

  • Blending and integrating a variety of therapies
  • Developing therapeutics based on CranioSacral Therapy
  • Exploring new dimensions for learning and healing
  • Facilitating study groups, workshops and retreats
  • Providing a forum for therapists to exchange treatments and therapeutic modalities
  • Offering a variety of classes on closely related therapies

Developing EcoSomatics for:

  • Exploring inter-species therapeutics
  • Developing an ethos for inter-species and Dolphin Assisted Therapy
  • Opening to inter-species communication within a co-healing process
  • Promoting the ecology of health within relationships, community and the environment

Dedicating the II Center as a facility to support:

  • Therapy programs
  • Classes
  • Administration                      
  • Research
  • Program development
  • Clinical services
  • Aquatic therapeutics
  • Community events
  • Therapist retreats

    Integrative Intentions hopes to provide a forum, a place, a space, a time and a process that allows for the infinite, for individuals to discover their way and come together to share in community.