General Information

...Amazing group of therapists, awesome food, healing environment outdoors. I can’t
complain about anything – it’s all top notch (and I’m VERY fussy since I teach conferences myself and I know good organization and how much work it takes). As a therapist myself, I’m really, really picky and I can’t think of anything they did during all those hours that wasn’t completely devoted to my well being and healing. They really
put themselves out there, physically and energetically and it shows...

Integrative Intentions offers both patient-centered classes and therapy programs for CranioSacral Therapists and non-therapists. 

Therapy programs include Dolphin Assisted Therapy (DAT) programs and the Comprehensive Therapy Programs (CTP).  The general format of these classes is basically the same - the main difference being the DAT programs integrate dolphins into the therapeutic experience.  The DAT programs are held in Freeport, Grand Bahama Island.  The Comprehensive Therapy Programs are held in various locations worldwide.

In addition to therapy programs, Integrative Intentions sponsors a variety of classes for healthcare providers.  All these classes have CranioSacral Therapy as their basis.  CranioSacral Therapy practitioners who have completed SomatoEmotional Release 1 are encouraged to learn more about and become involved in the programs and classes offered by Integrative Intentions.

Along with specialty classes and upper level Upledger Institute classes (all taught by Dr. Chas Perry), Integrative Intentions offers a number of BioAquatic Exploration (BAE) classes.  All BioAquatic Exploration classes offer interactions with dolphins.  Aquatic classes offer the experience of therapy in the water.  

These programs and classes can be taken for personal growth, to increase skills and/or for the purpose of becoming a Support or Primary therapist in Integrative Intentions' therapy programs.

Dr. John Upledger and the Upledger Institute initiated the Dolphin Assisted Therapy programs and the BioAquatic Exploration classes in 1995.  Dr. Chas Perry was involved from its inception, assisting Dr. Upledger in the teaching and development of the initial classes and programs.  

In 1998, Dr. Upledger oversaw Dr. Perry’s development and implementation of the BioAquatics Exploration classes and facilitation of the Dolphin Assisted Therapy programs in the Bahamas.  

Since 2000, Chas and Kat Perry have continued the evolution of these classes and programs by:

  • Developing a variety of Aquatic and BioAquatic CranioSacral Therapy programs.
  • Engaging the theme of EcoSomatics (inter-species interaction, communications and healing) into therapy programs and classes.
  • Teaching these therapy programs and classes worldwide.
  •  Presenting at conferences.
  •  Committing to an ethos of inter-species healing.

In 2008, the Upledger Institute BioAquatics Exploration classes and Dolphin Assisted Therapy programs were placed under the management of Integrative Intentions and continue to be offered in the Bahamas by the Upledger Institute in partnership with Integrative Intentions. 

Integrative Intentions conducts these therapy programs and classes within the Upledger paradigm and EcoSomatics theme.  These classes are based in the principles and practices of Upledger CranioSacral Therapy with the integrative intention to care for beings as a whole.

We invite you to participate in these therapy programs and classes which provide a unique opportunity for inter-species connections and cooperation that continue Dr. Upledger’s vision for free and willing interactions with dolphins with the intention of healing.