EcoSomatics™ Programs Client Information

These programs are based in the principles and practice of Upledger CST with the "Integrative Intentions" of incorporating the animal-human relationship into the treatment sessions.  This includes the individual within the environment with other species in a process of co-healing that is ecological, thus the term EcoSomatics™.

We invite you to explore with us as we continue to evolve our EcoSomatics™ programs and classes. We will become more familiar with the big cats, camels, and horses.  We will treat one another with the participation of other species.  We will treat other species with the participation of one another! We'll all heal together.  Discussions will be held daily.

EcoSomatics™ Equine

Sandi Howlett, CST-D EcoSomatics™ Equine Director

Sandi Howlett, CST-D
EcoSomatics™ Equine Director

"Horses are the Dolphins of the land"

These courses have been developed for Craniosacral Therapists to have direct experiential contact with equines. The best way to appreciate the benefits of Equine CST is to Experience Equus - what it is to be (a) horse.

When we open our minds, our hearts, and our hands, we have the potential to gain a deeper, inner understanding from which empathy, concern, and respect for nature ensues. We offer our healing hands to them, the horses. In return, they teach us, allowing us the opportunity to experience ''what is,''  in constant connection with both our personal internal environment and the external environment that surrounds and encompasses us. As we engage with and observe these magnificent, sentient, emotional beings, we become open to new ways of ''seeing.''

These workshops provide an opportunity to enhance our non-verbal communication skills, to study body language, and to explore energy bubbles and boundaries, in addition to learning Craniosacral techniques for equines. It is the hope of these courses to facilitate ''what is'' to come into our hands...connecting heart with hands with heart.

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