Comprehensive Therapy Programs

...I really don’t feel that words can justify the depth of thankfulness that I feel when I stand back and look at the big picture of what you have created! ... I have tried to get my head around how much heart it must require to take on the creation and administration of such a broad reaching purpose... I may have a big head, but it is not nearly big enough to wrap around the love and devotion that you both pour
into the container called Integrative Intentions...
~Anonymous, New Mexico~


The Comprehensive Therapy Programs are designed for 8 to 11 clients.  The programs are held over five consecutive days with morning and afternoon treatment sessions.  Since continuity is very important in these programs, we encourage you to participate in all five days.  All clients will be treated in a large space in the treatment facility during the therapy day but will also have use of other therapeutic facilities such as a heated pool, barn or yard for equine therapy or a massage room, if the client and therapy team wish to utilize them (available facilities depend on the program location). During a CTP, there may be as many as 30 to 40 therapists present.  Therapist/Client teams are organized and changed each day.  The team consists of a Primary Therapist and one or more Support Therapists for each client, each day.  An adjunctive therapist may be available to provide a specific treatment modality such as acupuncture to enhance the treatments.

Daily Schedule

Each day starts at 9 am with a meeting for both clients, therapists and caregivers.  The morning meeting of the first day is for introductions.  Meetings on subsequent days are for discussions of the treatments the day before. We break for one hour for lunch after which we resume the therapy sessions until 3:30 or 4 pm.  Bathroom or comfort breaks are jointly agreed upon by the client and the Primary Therapist.


If plans include bringing a caregiver or relative(s), please let us know so that we may plan accordingly.  Caregivers and relatives are welcome.  Please include information regarding any special needs.

Lodging/Meals/Special Diets

Comprehensive Therapy Programs are offered at various locations throughout the US and oversees. Depending upon the location, meals may or may not be included.  Please check with Integrative Intentions administration to plan accordingly.  If you have special diet needs, please let us know and/or plan to bring special food with you.

Cancellation Policy

It is the policy of Integrative Intentions to refund the full payment amount if cancellation is received prior to 60 days before the start of the program.  A $500 fee will be retained if cancellation is received prior to 30 days of the start of the program.  If cancellation is received within 30 days, the client will forfeit all money paid, as expenses and staffing for all clients will have already been allocated.

Program Coordinators

Kat Perry, CST-D, Director, Primary Coordinator

Dr. Chas Perry, Ph.D., CST-D

Dr. Sandra Howlett, D.C., CST-D 

Sarah Woodard, CST-D

Chas, Kat, Sandi and Sarah may also work as Primary Therapists during Comprehensive Therapy Programs.


Our Primary Therapists have completed extensive training in CranioSacral Therapy (CST) and SomatoEmotional Release (SER) through the Upledger Institute and most are UI Diplomate certified.  Our support and adjunctive therapists have completed various levels of CST.  All adjunctive therapists are certified in their specific field(s). 

Additional Therapeutic Modalities

Program therapists are trained in a wide range of other therapeutic modalities.  These include:  acupuncture, tuina, aquatic therapies, breathwork, Feldenkrais, Inter-Species assisted therapies (i.e. dolphin or equine facilitated therapy), chiropractic, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, massage, Myofascial Release, Non-Directive Hypnotherapy, Sensory Integration, Visceral Manipulation and Zero Balancing.


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