Client Comments

Come with no expectations. Only plan to trust the universe, therapists, your surroundings & body, and know that all of those things are working for your greater good.
~Tandi J.~

This is an amazing experience. Every day built upon the day before, gaining more and more progress each day. All the therapists were very caring and knowledgeable
~Janelle H.~

We found this to be a safe, healing community of therapists and clients. We often had 3 and 4 therapists helping our grandson at one time. The II team opened new possibilities for us.
~Terry P~

I was most impressed and encouraged by how much the therapy gave me tools and a foundation upon which to build; I came away with a heightened awareness andunderstanding of specific areas I can focus on to combat my depression. I found that it offered me distinct avenues and methods by which to combat and better understand my depression, both in its current form and at its roots.

I went into this with no education about CranioSacral work and no prior sessions- completely blind to what would take place to help with my chronic migraines. The work done has cleared my medicinal Dzfogdz, and relieved migraines I came in with- something regular massage has never done for me. I am looking forward to seeing what happens with my migraines when I get home, because I have a very strong feeling I’m going to have fewer to log, and, fingers crossed- zero?!

Anyone given the opportunity to get to experience this therapy should absolutely do it.
~Matt I.~

This program helped me envision and pursue a better future for myself,- something that extensive talk therapy was unable to do. It helped me slowly re-imagine a better version of myself and my life.

I felt it a very powerful and fulfilling experience. It was amazing to be surrounded by so much healing. I would share with another family to stay open minded about it and to let your heart follow you, just relax and enjoy and let the healing work.

...To have so much loving attention from multiple therapists, all on one client, is a unique and powerful experience. The variety of therapeutic approaches was also a great benefit. We are very fortunate.

A relaxing, heart opening event - peaceful, non-rushed, non-judgemental. Very well organised and planned with the perfect location. I myself was worked on twice, which was a huge surprise. The second time in the pool was awesome - right back to the womb and to connection with the cosmos, abundance and trust. Fionn, my son,
integrated and released on many levels, I know. “That was magnificent” was what he
said of the pool session. I would explain to another family how with several therapists
working together the effect is so much stronger. Also people have their individual strengths, so when they work together, all the strengths help the client.

“that was magnificent (the pool), I felt really cool on the horse Chunky...thank you to Anne, Mary, Louise, Patricia, Eileen, TJ, and all the others”
~Fionn (16 years)~

This experience was more than expected. Different groups offered a different perspective, experience and new knowledge every day. The surroundings were comfortable and uncomplicated. We feel Cullen (13 years) was offered a good physical and mental experience. The programme is worth the effort and expense and I am really looking forward to continuing the therapy at home and with our current CranioSacral Therapist.
~Diane, mum, and Frank, dad, of Cullen~

To share my experience with another family, who may benefit from the programme, I would say that I attended a comprehensive therapy programme, with intensive craniosacral therapy, whereby my son was worked on by several experienced therapists who individually and collectively evaluated and treated him. Aquatic and Equine facilitated craniosacral therapy were included to further assist my son to achieve therapeutic releases. I would highly recommend the programme to anybody who feels their child or indeed the whole family, could benefit.

Thank you to all the therapists who helped me in my road to recovery.


I liked that it (the II Center) is located in a low population, traffic-easy area. The ease & relaxation of the sleepy town greatly added to my ability to relax & let down. I could be more accepting, less judgmental, and did not have to be on guard as in a big city.